Nov 8, 2006

VARALARU - promising


After going through a bad patch (both in the F3 circuit and in the tinsel town), “namma Thala” is back with the much hyped Varalaru (Godfather). It’s for the tax exemption that the producer (Nic Arts) decided to change the title into a Tamil name. Whatever it is, after 1 year of making and more than 1 year of behind the screen conflicts, Ajit’s Varalaru has finally seen daylight this Diwali.
The film was a do or die for the hero as he was knocked out from the much hyped role in “Nan Kadavul” which is to be directed by Bala. There is no two opinion about Varalaru, just bag your tickets and enjoy 3 hours of entertainment. Ajit has carved his best performance till date with his triple role. The movie had taken a bumper opening all around Tamil Nadu with a whooping 9 crore in the first week itself. Finally, the hard work of K.S Ravikumar and his crew has paid off.
Sivasankar(Ajit) is a business tycoon and is much respected and loved by all. He is living for none other than his only son (Vishnu- Ajit 2) but he is worried about his son’s lavish living style and irresponsible acts. Hence he decides to send Vishnu to Thottapuram, a village he adopted for a good cause. There, Vishu meets Divya (Asin) and fall in love with her after some fun-filled incidents. But Shivasankar has a past which is still haunting him and because of which, he is now in a wheel chair. All of a sudden, things become taut with both Vishnu and his father when Jeeva (Ajit 3) comes and does lots of foul plays by enacting to be Vishnu. But every one believes it is Vishnu himself who is doing all these and incidentally sent him for Psychic treatment. Jeeva claims to be Shiva’s second son and soon would get caught by Shiva when he tries to kill his father.
The motive of Jeeva is pretty clear but why does he want to kill his father is unknown. Shiva reveals about his haunting past to Vishnu. He had grown up as a classical dancer and because of that, he has turned as an effeminate kindov guy who is always the point of teasing for everyone. Ajit has portrayed this role to perfection as his sissy looking antics are a delight to watch. Kanika dismisses Shiva on the very day of their marriage and tells that she would better marry a man and not Shiva. As a consequence, Shiva does the inevitable and the result is a baby whom he takes care till date. But who is Jeeva, where is Kanika etc etc would be revealed in a gripping climax.
Ajit makes a perfect cast for the 3 roles and hats off to his dedication in learning bharatanatyam (though his steps needed perfection). I am sure no-one would have expected a meaty role like this from him and all credit to K.S Ravikumar who had a taut script but will be criticized for chopping in the second half. Jeeva is spooky and where needed, he exaggerates. In a negative role too, Ajit is impeccable. Asin and Kanika are adequate with both doing walk-in roles. Songs tuned by Rahman seems to be crass but constant listening will soon make those peppy, especially “Innisai” and “Deepawali”. Priyan’s camera work is perfect and fights are stylishly shot. But it is Ajit who sizzles from start to end and has again proved that he is after all an “actor” when his compatriots’ films have nothing new to offer.

Varalaru is eventful in 3 hrs. Watch it at least for the Ultimate star.