Jul 9, 2007

Kimi back with the resurgence and so is Ferrari !

The best way to get the better of your critics is to keep your mouth shut and perform, none other than Kimi would know it better. Its an answer for those who said "Kimi doesn't have it in him". Well, can they say this now? They can't. Two thumping victories have confirmed his return to the centre stage. One leading the Ferrari 1-2 in the beautiful Magny Cours, and the most recent one in Silverstone in front of Lewis Hamilton's home crowd. Thats a sweet victory, no two opinions.

Its his 12th career victory and 3rd of the season which 95,000 odd British fans witnessed and boy, did he drive the crap out of his rivals. Pipping out the McLarens in 2nd and 3rd positions is no easy job especially after being at the receiving end for most of the season. He had his misfortunes honestly when his Scarlet Ferrari refused to pull off at Spain and when a traffic studded Monaco G.P saw him finishing 8th and being lapped by the McLarens. That hurts and it did hurt him but thats when you see a champion carving his way through the stupendous circuit in Silverstone for the 60th time and on his way breaking the 4 winless ducks on the same circuit.

It didn't start well for the team from Italy as Feilpe Massa suffered an "unknown" problem which the Ferrari techies failed to explain, in the initial lap forcing all the cars to warm up one more lap reducing the count to 59. He did a wonderful job to finsh at 5th having pulled off a series of overtaking maneuvers and posting the second best lap time after Kimster. Kimi, behind Lewis didn't allow the leader to pull away with a lighter car rather kept up with the McLaren and almost getting the better of the rival just before Lewis made his first stop. But then Lewis was overshadowed and outpaced by both Kimi and Fernando. It was an end of what you call a virtual dream for a rookie to win in front of his home crowd.

Surprisingly, it was Alonso with a shorter pitstop (6.3 sec), who managed to come in front of the Iceman after and he further extended the lead from the Ferrari driver to 5.8 seconds before going for a longer 2nd stop. And that's when you see the flying finn indeed flying. 6 stunning laps and one would ask, where is Fernando? After lap 44 when Kimi exited the pitlane for the second time, he was 4.3 secs ahead of Alonso and unless he makes a mistake or two, Kimi was sure to finish ahead of all. 60 flawless laps and that registered victory no: 12 for the Iceman. The local boy was a further 35 secs away substantiating how far McLaren are lagging behind their rivals.

Santander British G.P :
Winner: Kimi Raikkonen from Fernando Alonso
Fastest Lap: Kimi Raikkonen

Kimi is the man to beat !!!