May 25, 2009

Race 6 Monaco: Ferrari resurgence

It’s nice to see them grab some good points despite the fact that the title dream is all but over.

Kimi had a good race but could have been better had Ferrari boys kept it simple in the last pitstop. He qualified well, outpacing his lighter teammate but was unlucky not to start with super soft for short stint. If that’s the case, he would have defended 2nd against Barrri. Also, Kimi said he was "happily disappointed" after the race which just summed up what kindov mental state he's in. Massa too had a steady race, almost always challenging Kimi for the podium, finishing just 2 secs off the other scarlet.

Button looks like a champion in waiting. I don’t know from where on earth he comes up with such jaw dropping pace everytime in Q3. He’s matured in driving and is consistent too. Rubens is a branded no:2 who can’t help but to just stare in disbelief.

Lewis-I-won’t-crack-Hamilton got a taste of the darker side of Monaco. With a potential podium McLaren, all he could manage yesterday was 7 positions, 5 of which due to others’ retirements. Pity! Kovalainen would be sacked before the end of the season, so would Nelson.

Next-up is Turkey, where Ferrari’s KERS and aerodynamic efficiency, might just make the difference. Kimi will be up for it, so will Massa but the question is can Ferrari get rid of shambolic errors once and for all?