Jun 28, 2006

its FRANCE 3 - 1 SPAIN

Wow! It was worth watching till 2:30 AM......France has thumped the potential favs Spain by 3 goals to one in Hanover thanx to those brilliant strikes from Ribery (41'), Vieira(83') and Zidane(90+2'). This is an answer to all those preposterous ctitiques who battered France after their first two encounters in the tournament. Luk how they emerged from the hole as winners. Luk how they proved that "Class is permanent". Hats off to this aging team who siply outplayed the Spanish team which looked vulnerable at the back all day.

Spain took an undeserving lead through Villa (penalty) when Xabi ALonso was "fouled" inside the box by Thuram. After that it was all France and Spain cudnt create a decent opportunity in the rest of the match. Ribery has proved why he is in the playing eleven having failed to score before. This was his first goal for France and see where it has occured. France started the second half strongly when Casillas was forced to save a shot from the box egde by Romedal. Then it ws kidov a dead lock b/w the French attack and the Spain defense. It took 83 min for France to have their noses in front for the first time when Vieira thumped in a header from Zidane's free kick. All blame to Puyol for a "stupid" challenge on Thierry Henry, which cost Spain a free kick and eventually a goal. In the dying moments Spain pushed for the equaliser but invane and Zidane spotted the opportunity. Spain were dead 3-1

In 3 days time, France will meet the defending champions Brazil. Atleast now I want people to say "it'll be a gud contest" rather than making stupid mistakes like "writing off France". Gotcha?

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laluz said...

well buddy france might be a class act and all, but u ve to take into consideratio the fact that they are an ageing team.....whose sinews maynot be able to prop them up for the 90 minutes against an out an out attacking or rather shall i say a ravishing team like the proponents of Jogo Bonito, Brazil......then again its football a frak goal can send the wrong team thru to the next stage....lets wait and see what this particular match have in store for us!!!!!