Mar 27, 2007

Sivaji's music update

Check out the link and download what you call some peppy tunes with the right mix of rap and melody. Here are the list of songs

1. Sahaana Saaral Thoovutho....... Udit Narayan n Shreya Ghosal
A class song with exceptional voice modulation and recording. Udit as always takes his songs to an extra level when it comes with Rahman. Shreya is adequate but she doesnt have much to do honestly.

2. Vaa Ji Vaa Ji En Jeevan Sivaji....... Hariharan n Sadhana Sargam
A peppy number with punch music and catchy lyrics. No doubt, a winner on the cards.

3. Oru Koodai Sunlight......Blaze n Suresh Peters
Not bad but only the picturisation can make this a hit number. A complete rap tone in the song.

More to arrive soon.....

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