Jun 18, 2007

Jhoom Barabar Jhoom - frivolous

Time and again, I am making the same mistake. A pleasant Sunday evening turned out to be one to forget after watching Shaad Ali’s latest offering, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. There is lot said and done about bollywood love pastries. But when its from the prestigious Yash Raj banner, who have given us some memorable films earlier, we tend to get carried away. Same happened to me when I really had some better works to do yesterday………………if one ask me, why KK? Can’t blame him.
So lets dig the crap ! The film kick starts with Abhshek joining Priety to share a table in the busiest London Railway station, both waiting for their relatives/friends who are on the way from Birmingham. Alas, the train is 2 hrs late. Abhishek, a typical Punjabi, outspoken, cool dude, decides to engage himself with the cute looking gal sitting next to him. They start telling each other their respective stories about how they met their fiancées, Lara and Bobby. These lead to some flashback scenes which comprises of two lovely songs picturised in charismatic locales including the famous Louvre Museum (ticket to Hollywood). Abhi and Priety really enjoy each other’s company and that’s evident when Priety says “train kuch jaldi hi aa gaya”. They diverge only to receive their buddies and walk home. Man, that’s when you see the funny looking Amitabh Bachhan with a stupid grin, joining the station along with the title track. Make no mistake, he doesn’t have a role, but still comes in between to “look after” his son. Its interval……………………but tell me, what is in the first 1 hour. Gosh !
As expected, our lovers just cannot stop thinking about their sweethearts, and that’s when they reveal to the already tiresome audience that Bobby and Lara are just imaginary characters. Earlier, Priety didn’t want to spend time with an “ajnabee” and that’s why she created Bobby out of nothing just to avoid our small B. Now, they decide to meet at “Jharokha”, a dance competition event. Priety finds a “new” Bobby who is actually an optician with childish looks and antics. Lara, a whore, is picked up by Abhi with the help of his friend. All four meet……..bang ! 2 songs in 15 mins. The climax is more or less expected and to the audiences’ relief, the film ends.
Music is just awesome, all five songs rocking. The lead pair performances are…….ho, a reluctant ok. But its Bobby, who comes up with a phenomenal performance. Only he is the saving grace in a movie which tests your patience. Shaad Ali has a long way to go in picking the right story for an instant hit. Its not even old wine but is a combination of confused script given by a confused mind. Its definitely a bad idea if you think you can have some timepass during JBJ. The media has given the movie 2 stars out of 5. I wonder why not less !

Verdict: Just stay away.

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