Jan 20, 2008

Bheema......It's Vikram all the way !

Finally, the long awaited Vikram starrer has hit the screens and opened up to 100% collection all over Chennai city and Coimbatore. Hardly the initial collections talk about the quality of a Tamil flick which has turned out to be a pot-boiler. Director Linguswamy who has given us some memorable films like Run, Sandakozhi etc this time though seem to loose it in the middle. There is neither any story in Bheema nor any eye-catching events.

Here goes the story, Sekar (vikram) joins the gang of Chinna (prakash raj) after a riveting encounter with a common enemy, drawing praise from the latter. Chinna as revealed later in the first half, seemed to be the role model of Sekar the moment after he came to rescue his family under crisis some 15 years ago. From then on, Sekar tries to imitate Chinna in his mannerisms, his dialect and virtually everything in turn treating him as his childhood hero. As the years go by, Sekar's only aim turns out be joining Chinna's gang in which he succeeds. Periyavar (reghuvaran) and Chinna share a long fought enmity between themselves which give way to lots of well choreographed fight sequences between the two gangs in the first half. Soon Sekar meets Charu (Trisha) but doesn't fall in love immediately nor gets tempted by her anatomy unlike any other masala entertainer in Tamil. Meanwhile, the cops lead by Ashish Vidyarti initiate a mission called "Mission Bheema" thanks to Sekar's nickname, to eradicate gang wars in the city. The rest is all about how Bheema's love life affects his 'gunda' life and how he fights the odds.

The wafer thin script is the major setback for Bheema let alone the blood and gore all the way through the movie. It's evident that the director tried to make a stylish action thriller but little he knew that unless and until you provide enough substance in the script, the audience won't fall for the character Bheema. First half really tests your patience with virtually nothing happening other than three songs and action. The characterizations of Sekar and Chinna are adequate yet one has to feel for the half-baked role offered to Trisha. Second half is quite engaging and it has a prefect end which is shot in a different yet appealing manner. Harris Jeyraj's soulful music is a treat for your ears 'mudhal mazhai' being the pick of the lot. Rajasekhar's slick photography, Vikram's daring looks, Prakash Raj's adequate performance all add to Bheema's spice.

This is a role tailor made for Vikram as he is able to hold the otherwise wanting script in his able shoulders. His way of confronting enemies has a Vikram style written all over it. Even in songs, he doesn't look jaded nor predictable. From Linguswamy, we do expect a much better film though he hasn't really taken too many risks like what he did for "Jee" which could have seen the movie go flat and smell sand in the first few days. Yes, it is a pacca action masala. Still, I wonder what could have been the fate of Bheema w/o Chiyyan.

Verdict : Watch it for Vikram

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