Jul 3, 2009

MohanLal and Blessy strike gold: Bramaram Review

Watching Blessy's latest offering, Bramaram is indeed a privilege for any movie goer as it turns out to be Mohanlal's finest performance off late. After Thanmatra when the actor-director due come together again to strike gold, I have to say their efforts are paid off.

It's just like watching any painfully powerful and contentful movie from Bharatan or Padmarajan. Lalettan is at his majestic best post interval. Infact, only his character moves through our memory lane long after the film is done. A revenge saga set in the cliches of a central kerala village through the chaos of coimbatore city, Bramaram travels a long way. I don't want to reveal even a single bit of the story as the least said, the better it's to witness this cinematic masterstroke.

Bhoomika and Lekshmi do walk-in roles but it's the newcomer Suresh Menon who springs a surprise with a top notch performance. Infact, his role is the only one that is even comparable to Lal's screentime in the whole movie. Blessy utilises the legend's charisma and screen presence to the core as it turns out to be a delight to see the Lal of late 80s and 90s, salvaging a renaissance and potrays acting brilliance at ease.

I really hope Bramaram will be seen and appreciated by the families. I care less for the mass audience, some of them who think that Bramaram is close to parallel cinema.

Yeah right???

Let's just say that Bramaram better become a hit now rather than earning a cult classic image ala Thoovanathumbikal, some 15-20 yrs down the line. The fundamental problem of Malayalee audience.......

4 stars easily

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