Jan 7, 2010

Enough of the 'idiotic bak-baks'

As we break the walls of the decade and jump into a potentially fruitful one starting with 2010, it's really time to look back at what happened in tinsel town, one of my fav topics. The year that was, was nothing great TBH except for some Kamineys freaking out on the streets and some dropouts or 'idiots' to accompany them. :) Yes, the focus of this entry is the best film I have ever seen, and that is RajKumar Hirani's Aamir Khan starrer 3 idiots.

I really don't have to waste my time reviewing this tedious film because by now, everyone would have seen it and appreciated the way it was made along with the message it gave away to the masses and classes combined. Just when it shattered all the box-office records any film has ever set in the country and just when "all's well" became the new anthem, in came the controversy. What's this big fuzz about credits coming from the so called intellectuals behind the book and film? The credits for the wretched media bites should indeed go to Mr. Hirani, Mr Chopra and the iconic modern day wonder of an author, Mr. Chetan Bhagat.

I follow Mr. Bhagat in twitter and TBH, he grabs a lot of attention with his witty one-liners just like his celebrated writings. But lately, I'm a bit disappointed by some of his tweets which are aimed at some of the big names in the industry. He claims that he was undone by the crew of '3 idiots' who failed to stuff in "based on the Novel 5.someone by Chetan Bhagat" during the starting credits, not the ending credits. He also claims that 70% of the movie is based on his novel. Let's take a pitstop here. I have a golden Q to Bhagat. I am a big fan of 5.someone and on the same lines, I loved watching the film as well. Most book adaptations fail to strike a chord but still 3 idiots worked wonders. Why? 5.someone is great as a book but it can't be an appealing motion picture unless the director changes the plot a bit, adds some twists and turns and incorporates some brilliant creative liberties into the screenplay.

Yes, DVC was a CC of the book, so was Angels and Demons but 3 idiots, I beg to disagree. I remember 5.someone like yesterday and I have seen '3 idiots' twice already, so please don't tell me what I know and what I don't know. I know the facts as a reader/viewer. Whatever credits being given to Mr. Bhagat is all due, nothing more nothing less. And on top of it, Hirani broke all the silence when he came on air and said that whatever he has done were based on the contract which was signed by both parties. (The contract is available to download at VV Chopra site).

So why this tamasha? Maybe Chetan was expecting his name to popup on the screen during the starting credits. I don't want to say Chetan is doing a publicity gimmick because he doesn't need any publicity for god's sake. And even if he needs, by this time, the whole of India knows that 5.someone has got something to do with the biggest grosser ever in Bollywood.

Time to take a chill pill guys!

All's indeed well that ends well and let's just hope it does.

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