May 18, 2010

Things to ponder over post Monaco

1. Alonso has mentally destroyed Massa

Though the latter had the grid advantage to the former, he really couldn’t utilize it to the full potential. Staying 4th with the second best car on the grid is hardly an achievement whereas Fernando fought his way back to the middle of the grid. It started all at the first corner in Bahrain and from then on, Massa has only been a shadow of himself. Even though Alonso made uncanny mistakes, those were mistakes not like an overall dip in performance.

2. McLaren doesn’t have the package

If Spain was not a yardstick, then Monaco sure was. The team who always claim to be the best in slow circuits were altogether slow. Button lost 4 places in two corners whereas Lewis salvaged home some points. Lewis is suffering from a bit of Massa syndrome and bit of stupidity, as always.

3. It’s the matter of when rather than how for RBR

Adrian Newey, take a bow! What a car, I mean what a car!

6 GPs, 6 poles, 3 victories inspite of reliability woes. Now that’s the way to stamp your authority. I won’t be surprised if they wrap it up before a handful of races both the drivers and constructors championship. While Webber was untouchable as in Spain, Vettel watched his mirrors pretty well. Knowing Seb, I guess he’ll be a bit down on his head but one victory can quickly swing the pendulum in his favor.

4. Damon Hill took revenge in a lame manner

Perhaps Schumi needs to realize that his livery is no longer red but in a season were suicidal mistakes were mellowed down to mere warnings, the penalty was harsh and unjustifiable. According to the new rules, you can overtake a car between the SC line and the start line after the SC has gone into the pits which is exactly what Schumi did. Also, green flags were waved asking drivers to go racing. Damon Hill looked stupid to take the Adelaide 94 revenge cos that was really stupid.

5. Ferrari is missing the Iceman

With a fast car, maybe not the fastest, at their disposal both Alonso and Massa could have done better on the whole. 1 win out of 6 is hardly Ferrari. Alonso is making some uncanny mistakes and one too many for the team’s liking while Massa is merely a passenger. On top of it, if a repeat of Shanghai happens, all hell will break loose between the teammates and the team harmony would be found wanting, something only Kimi could bring to a team.


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