Aug 15, 2013

'Jobs' review (Premiere show at Toronto)

Watching 'Jobs' was a bit like going to the finest restaurant in town only to be served the dinner buffet and not that winning dish. Though the characterization of Apple's talisman is uncompromising and often endearing, the director chooses to tell us the story of his life only upto the pre-ipod era. The transition from him being fired from Apple to his comeback to the corporation is rushed through so badly that it's hard to evoke any sort of emotion when the credit roll says "in 2012, Apple became the most valued company in the world". Jobs himself said once, "the best thing that has happened to me was getting fired from Apple because it made be uncertain and hungry" but the film fails to capture his resilience to revolutionize the future of human thinking for a second time and for better. Make no mistake, the movie is intense and well made but the story of the greatest marketer the world has ever seen is a screenplay of convenience. Because you know the story, you know how that winning dish tastes like and you cannot quench your desire with that buffet.

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