Jul 9, 2008

Kimi & Photographer - The altercation

Some cockeyed arm-chair experts have a lot to say about Raikkonen's crude behavior towards the photographer when he pushed him to the ground. The latter was desperately taking a close snap of the Iceman believe it or not, leaning onto Kimi's race stuffs and that too just before the race (see the controversial snap below). I'm throughly amazed by the anti-Kimi press and others who consider Lewis is a saint and Fernando no loudmouth, making a fuzz about this incident. Well, all I have to say is Raikkonen like any other human being in this world has every right to show his emotions no matter whether he's living upto the nickname Iceman or not.

I never knew that Kimi should not wilt under such frivolous act by a pass-by photographer.He was not sane enough to let the race driver have his 'personal space' n all Lewis fanatics say "Kimi is insane n doesn't deserve the Iceman tag". I'm speechless. Kimi is the people's champion and was given the Iceman tag in 2003 due to his sheer raw pace and ofcourse his 'never mind' cool composure on/off the track. In those days where drivers were seen busy lamenting bad races, cursing their own teams, chiseling others out of glory, there stood a man called Kimi Raikkonen from the tiny country of Finland doing less talking and more driving.

It's not the first time Kimi lost his cool and involved in a brawl. The famous 'push' of the race Marshall (I don't remember which GP) is still somewhere in the back of my mind and also the late-night wrangle in a Spanish pub was no different. But it's his private life n Kimi himself had a tiff with McLaren boss Ron Dennis for interfering in his training regime and preventing him from having fun. From what I saw all these years, Kimi is the fittest man around.

So let's face it, Kimi did hurt a photographer. As Ferrari mentioned his behavior was completely understandable because a driver goes through the turmoil and needs to get into the groove minutes before racing to incur undisturbed concentration. And Kimi was deprived of the most important thing in an F1 driver's life, concentration. They die for it, they calculate the minutest lapse in the car by only having it and they would do any harebrained antic to get it back. I mean absolutely anybody.

Martin Brundle can relate to the above statement better than anyone else. Whenever he's in the middle of ITV's famous grid walk, I have seen that lots of drivers just ignore him. Do u think the drivers are shy to have a say about the race or even about their strategy? No way! That's where u see dedication. I'm a lover of this sport purely because there is no other sport in which one experiences 4G of pressure and a weight loss of almost 5 Kgs in 90 mins. But pls let them drive!

Having said that, let's rehash Brazil 06 gridwalk by Martin
Martin : Kimi, u missed the speech by Pele on Michael?
Kimi : Yeah
Martin : Why?
Kimi : I was having a shit!!!!!!!
Martin (shameful laugh) : Thank u for that

The impassive Manmohan Singh would have laughed at it. My point is, Kimi is known as Iceman for what he's on track and for how he handles the media. Take a look at this statement while addressing the British media
"I don’t mind what people think too much. If they ask nice questions then yes, but for sure if they ask stupid questions, I won’t answer and they will think I’m a dickhead"

He's also the insane party animal, he's the Iceman and we all love him for what he is n we don't hate him for what he just did cos that's the way it is :)
U have any probs???

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