Jul 7, 2008

Lewis won it but did Kimi lose it? British GP review

The answer is probably Yes cos I have to take a dig at Ferrari's tyre strategy or a tyre-poker for Kimi during the first pitstops and I'm afraid they did a poor job. Kimi was closing in on Lewis lap after lap to almost 1 sec just before the stop and we expected a tyre change for Kimi. Down in McLaren, the pit crew rightly changed Lewis' intermediates while in the far end, Ferrari decided to keep the already worn-out intermediates in Kimi's F2008. They would have expected the rain to stop but I think that was a logical error as it was getting very dark as if the heavens was just about to open. From then on, Kimi lost 2 secs and even 4 secs at times to Lewis. Infact, he had to give way for Heikki and Heidfeld after some time. Let's have a driver analysis of the British GP

Lewis Hamilton - I hate to say it but it was a good show from him after some "no shows" in Canada and France. The indisputable beneficiary of the chaos in the Ferrari pitlane. He was fast after the second stint as well but had a spin just after hitting the standing water on the track. He has been OK in wets considering his mess up in China and Europe last year.

Kimi Raikkonen - I feel for this unlucky man who had a scant consolation in the fastest lap times but he couldn't have done any better given the circumstances. He too had spins and it was no easy after the pitstop with worn-out intermediates. Having said that, his pass on one of the best wet weather drivers Alonso was something spectacular. I say so cos just after Kimi got past Alonso, we saw Heikki in a superior McLaren struggling to get past the double world champion for 3 laps or so. Kimi collected 13 points from two unfortunate races and I think it's a sign - a sign for more to come.

Heikki Kovalainen - He had a good start holding up Kimi and making Hamilton's life easy through the inside of turn 1 but that was just about it. I think he's struggling to overtake an evenly matched car and like Canada where he lost a place to Massa, Heidfeld overtook him while he was trying to get pass Kimi. McLaren say we should not underestimate Heikki but from what we saw till now, Heikki is very much a back-up driver to Lewis unless proved wrong.

Felipe Massa - Probably he has gone into the record books for the most number of spins in a race. He just couldn't control the car on the wet conditions and was struggling for grip even on the straights. How many races have u seen Massa spinning unconditionally? I think 3 Australia, Malaysia and now Britain. I would say without TC, life is getting one big fuck for the Brazilian and it's a big surprise that he didn't hit anything after all these spin cycles other than chasing down a rabbit.

Okay, Lewis is back with a victory and I believe he would have read my previous blog which might have been a wake-up call :). Wait a min, with this win, he's back on the limelight and I wouldn't be surprised if he screws up yet again in Germany. Kimi bemoans the tyre strategy but is ready to move on. We would have never known how much pressure would Hamilton had to soak had Kimi put the right tyres. We would never know and the Hamilton fanatics compare him with greats...........let them. The season is long!


1. Hamailton 48
2. Massa 48
3. Raikkonen 48
4. Kubica 46

Next race : German GP, Hockenheim Sunday, 20th July

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