Jun 25, 2008

The bragging rookie in trouble

McLaren victimized! Lewis conspiracy theory! I wonder how much more shit the British press can throw on themselves by claiming to question FIA's integrity. Lewis Hamilton suffered his 3rd penalty of the season for cutting short the only chicane in Magny Cours in the middle of his pass on Vettel and it has understandably irked the Lewis' baby (aka ITV) n many more of the arrogant and self-opinionated English media. Let me clarify something for all you "little bragger" followers. The stewards are not blind and they could have had only one call for this entire incident and that's to penalize Lewis for not making a pass but keeping that advantage by straight-lining the chicane. I don't know how else you would want the FIA to react especially when the McLaren team seemed uninterested in letting Lewis to back-off nor to have a talk with the FIA seeking a clarification. Unfortunately, the team was seen busy trying to bypass the rules and there they are doing a 2007 all over again.

The problem with Lewis is that he's bathed in the glory of an unexpectedly good rookie season but fast he has to understand that with limelight come shadows. Time and again, he claims that he's mentally tough and is ready to face any uphill task in the pinnacle of motorsport. Well, it doesn't look like he's doing one after the French GP and it looked worse when the darling of the media simply refused to comment on the race when he had a bad day at the office. Also, Lewis doesn't understand what to say when. When the team stumbled in one of the previous races, Lewis seemed to have taken the responsibility by saying "Yeah, I let the team down". Those who think that he has gone one step higher are on the wrong side. Infact, it would have been much better had he came in front of the Canadian press and admitted "Yeah, I made a mess and ruined someone's race". The contrasting opinions may call for a psycho-treatment but that's not the case. When the things are going well, people tend to over-react and the opposite happens when they understand that it's not the things alone but u urself haven't done the bit correctly.

Unlike Lewis, you don't see the other rookies Kubica, Piquet, Heikki endlessly courting fame because they just keep their heads down and drive. It's not over yet. In an interview for ITV, Lewis claimed he doesn't give a damn about the media and that the media always bring u up and pull u down. Oh, I didn't know that! If he doesn't care much about the media then why on earth there was a pity monish in front of the camera "To all my fans, please don't believe what these guys are saying. Nobody can crack me". Can't crack u? Well, u just got a big hole in your heart, a hole much due to blustering and chuntering and that too right in the middle which looks uglier than the one Raikkonen bore in his Ferrari's exhaust last weekend.

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