Jun 8, 2008

Lewis screwed Kimi's bid for win : Race 7 review

Kimi Raikkonen, who looked the likely winner of the Canadian GP and who clocked the fastest lap of the race, was reduced to disgust by a spoiled brat from Briton. Just when it looked the race was gonna be interesting, in came Hamilton who rammed his McLaren on the back of the halted Ferrari of Kimi who along with Kubica was waiting for the red light to go off in the pitlane exit (see photo). It was such an amateurish maneuver from an F1 driver who not only spoiled his but that of his main title rival as well. Schoolboy stuff!!! It's interesting to see that the Hamilton family has now completed the trifecta of destroying aPorsche, a Ferrari and a Mercedez :)
Watch the mess which Lewis made

I was so annoyed that the situation was all set for a good race with Kimi n Kubica on the same line, Lewis on 3rd and it would have been a good fight but for Lewis' self-obsession. He keeps saying "I can adapt to any situation" "I let the team down".....I would ask him to adapt to the basics of F1. We all accept that the pitlane exit rule is stupid but if a 21 year Robert Kubica, let aone Kimi, can have the presence of mind to see that it's RED, why can't Hamilton after winning 6 races in his career, see that. If everyone else is following it, no matter how stupid it is, u have to follow. Inspite of all these, there came Lewis again posing for the itv camera n saying "It looked like an easy win for me....I was breezing".........haha......I came to know how much self-obsessed one can get after seeing this spoiled brat

Now coming onto Kimi
People say that his cool gesture of letting Hamilton hear "hey dumb boy, look it was RED n not GREEN" reminded them of Senna. Some drivers would have just went on and slapped Hamilton but a gentleman he is, Kimi didn't use a foul word but a sarcastic gesture. Hats off to u Kimi.....time n again, u proved that u are the Mr cool. And for those who say, Kimi deserved this after hitting Sutil in Monaco, I feel really sorry to say that u cant compare a racing incident with a silly incident. I too feel bad about Force India team not to win any points but during a race, someone just lost braking and that too not deliberately......hey, these things happen!

One clear comparison from 2007 and 2008
Lewis then had Alonso to guide him how to set his car up even when they were enjoying "absolute equality" (thanks to Ron Dennis for preventing me from searching the dictionary) but now with the whole team backing only him and using Heikki as a back-up driver, Lewis is still struggling to compete with Ferrari (that's where absolute equality crap can be found). Just because of him, they lost a former champion n now McLaren is limping in 3rd position in constructors championship. One thing Lewis has to do from now on is just forget all these cameras n start thinking about how you can win races. Though hes not a great driver, he has the potential of winning races

I'm really happy for Robert that he could win a race after all these struggle. He had a chance and he grabbed it with both hands which is a sign of a good driver. Nick Hiedfeld seem to enjoy playing second fiddle to his younger teammate. I'm sure BMW are gonna beat the crap out of McLaren for the Constructors championship.

Standings :
1. Robert Kubica 42 points
2. Felipe Massa 38 points
3. Lewis Hamilton 38 points
4. Kimi Raikkonen 35 points
5. Nick Heidfeld 28 points

Next Race : French GP Magny Cours Circuit, 22nd June


chummuk said...

I totally agree...Self obsession is Lewis' only talent. Kimi is amazing...

chummuk said...

Kimi had the fastest lap in Canada '08. Even without finishing!!

Rohan Nigam said...

Ya seriously kimi had the race in his pocket if not for Lewis.. !! Great to find a F1 fan who blogs regularly on F1.

Keep going.