Jun 18, 2008

Kimi brands 'big mouth' stupid

Raikkonen, the man of few words finally caught in the off-race politics. I can't say he was cribbing but he definitely was seen pissed off in the Ferrari paddock post Canadian GP. This is what he said about the pitlane shunt with Lewis "Maybe I'm not the best person to say about anybody hitting from the back after the mistake I made in Monaco. I also understand that these are two different situations one on the racing speed, loosing car control and hitting somebody and the other under speed controlled circumstances. It's a bit stupid to see someone ramming into your back in a pitlane. I didn't expect this."

Wow! The irony is that Lewis made even Kimi speak :) The 'big mouth', as we Kimi fanatics mercifully call Lewis, just cannot stop talking. I'm afraid, he's on the Alonso way just ranting about what he did and what he didn't. As in the previous blog, I have pointed that he spoke a lot about the MP4-23's pace and that he was breezing to victory. I'm gutted to see such an arrogant shameless self-obsessed F1 driver, I mean u can't just keep boasting when u have just ruined someone's race. Look at Kimi, he always shuts his mouth and drives and he's still winning. F1 is the only sport where the so-called "mind games" never work and I don't see any point in Lewis blabbering like a kid when he hasn't won anything in the sport. Well, all I can say is barking dogs won't bite.

Time to get a life Lewis

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