Jun 2, 2008

Lewis broke the jinx : Race 6 review

McLaren and Lewis Hamilton put an end to the winless streak in the streets of Monte Carlo even after a start from row 2 on the grid. After loosing the first 2 positions in the qualifiers to the two Ferraris of Raikkonen and Massa, Lewis looked good right from the start to clinch a surprise. To add more spice to the matters, it rained. A wet race in a tight circuit like that of Monaco is the last thing a driver would want considering the fact that a little mixup can make your title chances go for a toss. That's exactly what happened to Kimi when a badly timed safety car and a drive through penalty along with some not-so-common mistakes ruined his whole race. The same is somewhat true for Massa as well as he had to settle behind the BMW of Kubica for a 3rd.

Raikkonen was driving more like a world champion. Hold on, what I mean is he was not so much worried about the victory but just tried to drag points out of the Ferrari which lacked pace at the right moment. I really hope that the 'Alonso' demon won't come and influence the Iceman inturn making him a defensive driver. But knowing Kimi, I doubt whether he will continue to drive like a champion rather he'll enact a Suzuka 05 or a Spa 03 or even a Shanghai 07. Massa though is the clear beneficial from his team mate's downfall. He is now a point adrift from Kimi who trails Lewis by 3. The championship fight is already exciting and I'm sure there will be more to see when F1 goes to Circuit Gillles Villneuve in Canada.

Next race: Canadian GP, Montreal Sunday 8th June

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