Oct 17, 2013

Ezhamathe Varavu is vintage film making

Liked "Ezhamathe Varau" as it took me to vintage 80s through a mode of story telling that details even the minutest of human emotions in a gripping manner. It's a lesson to up and coming film makers to concentrate on developing exciting characters and not dwell under the illusions of the so called trends. The four main characters are given respectable identities that help them convince their acts to the discerning viewer. S.Kumar's photography is worth a mention here as he's able to bring out a character out of the dark and shuddery jungle. Hariharan-MT combo still excites but the narrative at times moves on the lines of the IV.Sasi-MT-Mohanlal classic 'Uyarangalil'. Indrajith has come of age even though there's this pinch of Sukumaran and to an extent Mohanlal mannerisms, in his portrayal of the antagonist. Yet, he is spectacular as he looks menacing, delivers punch lines with ease and modulates his dialogues superbly to suit the mood of the film. There's nothing much to rave about the performances of both Bhavana and Vineeth but the new girl comes up with a refreshing act. In the end, I feel it's a pity the movie bombed........Plaudits of the new generation madness, WHERE ARE YOUR SENSES???

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