Oct 11, 2013

Review: 'Gravity' is a dazzling accident but.....

'Gravity' is well shot and well directed but not very well written. Imagine the writing being firmly on the wall despite a series of catastrophic events leading nowhere and occurring in the middle of nowhere. And ofcourse everything that's meant to go wrong, goes wrong. The characters are mere caricatures hugely deprived of likeability factor except for Clooney's funny and at times untimely gags. The first 20 mins of the film is simply breathtaking as Alfonso Cuaron gets into the groove of spacial thrills by placing his coordinates just right. Disaster strikes very early into the mission but from there on momentarily, something or the other goes wrong eventually touching boredom. Sandra Bullock as the sole survivor of the mission tasked instinctively to recover herself from the heavenly mess, has very little to do when it comes to rising above the script. When she mouths her struggles back home, it hardly evokes any sympathy because there's just too much bak bak going on and too less of emotional communication. Gravity's still a great one time watch just for the amazing cinematography alone as you get soaked into the action right from the beginning. And it becomes a well picturized over the top (literally) accident that's not to be missed simply because it's a stunning spectacle and nothing more.

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