Feb 13, 2014

You cannot survive this "London Bridge"

"London Bridge" loses steam midway through the path and transforms into a real borefest with regressive and unimaginative screenplay. Maybe the movie was meant to be a breezy romantic journey that shows off one of the most beautiful locales. And I get it but what it has become is a tale of three single minded characters who have nothing much to tell us. Prithviraj dons the role of a romantic hero who's spoiled by his urge to make money but the role and the costumes look a misfit for the actor who has an impressive body of work. Andrea lacks any sort of talent to emote and struggles her way in a role that looks a tad too heavy. The new girl looks cute, has a baby face but again fails to strike a chord with the audience. So there you are, the characterizations fall flat in a character driven film and the actors themselves fail to rise above the script, leaving London Bridge a painfully indifferent and agonizingly boring cinematic experience. Gopi Sundar's music and some nicely written scenes in the first half just cannot save the film from becoming a disaster. One wonders why the crores are wasted just to shoot in London as the city barely makes an impact as a character in itself. On the whole, this film is lacklusture at best and leaves you cringing on your seats. Give a miss!!!

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