Mar 10, 2014

"1983" takes you back the memory lane

Very rarely a film moves you with it's inherent honesty and '1983' does just that. It's not so much a triumph of the underdog or a triumph of cricket as many would think. It's more so a man's sheer drive for his passion, his refusal to nod to the middle class mentality and his confidence with which he intends to achieve a massive feat. Ardents of K Balachander films would understand the importance of infusing lives to each character and that's one of the main reasons why the screenplay shines in 1983 as well. Then there's a director who admittedly being a fan, portrays Sachin Tendulkar as a man who inspired a generation with his never say die attitude and his refusal to shortcuts in life. And that's why 1983 is rich in emotions with a global appeal since you don't need to know cricket. Nivin Pauly enjoys subtlety but in this movie, he surprises us with his ability to underplay the character to suit the mood of the writing. On the whole, 1983 will bring back some fond memories to everyone who has grown up watching cricket but in reality, it's much more than that. Revel in the joy and stand up for those who refuse to stand down.

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